Online Media & Journalism

One of the biggest impacts of Social media is on Journalism. Gone are the days when it took hours, weeks, and months for a piece of news to travel around the world. We now live in an era where news spread faster than the speed of light.
Today with the help of social media, journalism uses digital tools to be more effective and far-reaching. Here is a summary of them:

• Still photo: Represents people or things that accompany the story. They are easy to produce and are not time-consuming.
• Hyperlinks: Creatively connects different aspects of a multimedia outlet. They are usually underlined or appear as a picture or small icon. Often the issue is, one can get lost in navigation regarding hyperlinks.
• Graphics: An art of visual communication that helps convey information to the reader, is made up of vectors and raster. It consists of words, texts, pictures, the use of vivid colors, etc.
• Maps: A visual representation of an area. Used to help journalists see and navigate. An example would be Adrian Holovatary’s website showing crime with detailed map representations.
• Video: An electronic medium for the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. It also brings real even to an audience, whereas storage format includes BLU-RAY, DVD, QT (QUICKTIME).
• Animation: Appearance of motion by showing still images in sequence to create the illusion of movement that can be 2D or 3D hand-drawn or made by special software. They are costly and time-consuming.
• Slideshows: Collection of photos that imitates a photo gallery with a meaningful story. Moreover, enhanced by using animations and transitions.
• Text: A written or printed book. A body of a story contained in one page or several connected links.
• Podcast: A medium which gives user choices as what to listen. A type of web feed audio to be downloaded and used for radio purposes, education, etc.
• Audio and audio formats: A sound that is transmitted, recorded or reproduced. Adds dimensions to a story. Therefore, Formats include MP3, MPEG- (compressed), WAV, AIFF (uncompressed).
• Interactivity: An ability to alter the media used in 5 dimensions, a. playfulness, b. choice, c. connectivity, d. info collection, e. reciprocal communication.
• Online gaming: An action of playing to capture minds and engage the younger audience through games that can educate and spread awareness.
• Multimedia storytelling: The use of one or more mediums to express or communicate. The art of storytelling through online journalism and the elements discussed above.
The elements of online media journalism discussed above can aid in storytelling, engaging readers, and broadcasting. It has made it easier as writers and news reporters are able to spread their work to a larger audience within seconds.

Arshad Rana 04 January, 2021

Happy New Year

Arshad Rana. CEO.
Digital Marketing Trade.

Year 2020 has just ended.
I look back at the year and I see a trail of the pandemic which started at the beginning of 2020 and still dragging into 2021; maybe even more forcefully. I see economies crashing, people losing jobs and huge business empires trembling and shaking.
Then I look back at 2020 from my perspective. I see myself launching Digital Marketing Trade, a Digital Agency during all the chaos of the previous year. DMT was launched in June 2020, and not even for 1 sec I regret my decision of launching Digital Marketing Trade (DMT). I am happy that we launched it when there was a dire need for people to stay at home avoiding the outside world. For DMT, it’s an opportunity to support businesses and people by enabling them to conduct their normal day to day lives.
When we create an online portal for a restaurant or execute an online marketing strategy for a manufacturer, we are enabling them to continue to do their business in these tested times without having to take chances with their lives. An online restaurant can still operate with the help of an online portal. Closing businesses is no more an option. So why not circumvent a way where technology can help us keep our businesses afloat.
The world is rapidly changing around us and unless we adopt these changes, survival will be tougher.
Unfortunately, there are still businesses and people out there who are not benefiting from technology. I still see and meet business owners who do not see this change. Hope is a good thing but at the same time, adopting new realities is also the need of the time. They continue to manage their business in an old-fashioned way and refusing to take help from technology which is cost-effective and can fill the revenue gaps created by the pandemic.
I have come to realize that digital presence for any business is not an option but a big need for all businesses. We help you to create and manage your digital presence with the help of technology. Our job is to educate people about what technology can do for them.
We continue to help businesses to reach their optimum performance through digital mediums such as website optimizations, social media activities, and video marketing. These tools help them to reach their potential customers. It not only helps the business but the consumer who will get whatever they need through their mobile device; without having to leave the home and risking their lives.

Arshad Rana January, 2021

Video Marketing

The ever-evolving world of marketing witness new trends every now and then. In todays’s world, video marketing is rated as the top marketing tool for businesses across the world. Most Companies start with a Company profile video and then move on to more videos for their product and services and even brand awareness.
Majority of marketing professionals (about 51%) worldwide consider video marketing as the best tool with highest ROI for businesses. They also believe that videos help grow business revenue 49% faster than other marketing tools. As a design driver for consumers, about 64% of consumers purchase products and services marketed through videos.
The above facts are not ignorable by any business. There are many Digital agencies around the world offering video animation. Digital marketing trade leads the way with multiple expertise; From Motion graphic to Explainer videos and from 2D and 3D video animations to corporate & product videos, we strive to exceed our client’s expectations.
We are witnessing a sharp increase in video animation from our customers across the world. Not only small and medium businesses but even large corporates are also shifting focus from other marketing mediums to videos.
On social media, videos are the top attraction. Short videos with relevant content tends to tell the story with clarity. 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. More than 45% spend an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in the last 30 years.
Video marketing is the new reality and will remain relevant until the next revolutions in the marketing world.

Arshad Rana December, 2020